Varathane Stain Drying Time. On the whole, Minwax products are significantly cheaper than Varathane finishes. Varathane 200261H Water-Based Ultimate Polyurethane; 4. On the other hand, Minwax’s water-based products require at least two, and sometimes three, to achieve the color you want. Congress authorizes Smithsonian museums focused on American Latinos and women’s history. Varathane (Oil-based) requires the application of only a single coating (generally) as it is thicker and has a better quality. The name Varathane is usually associated with wood varnishes, but they also make an excellent line of wood stains. Made with a special blend of oils and resins that allows it to flex as the wood surface expands and contracts. Technically, urethane is not the correct term for the wood-sealing product, even though it is commonly used. share. The high-quality polyurethane keeps the shine of your floor last for a long time. Another thing to keep in mind is that you generally need a lot more of Minwax’s products to complete your project. The Varathane stuff smells more oily, and the Minwax has an antique smell, like an antic, once applied to the wood. A satin wood finish would provide the wood surface with a high shine. I'm looking for something clear (not amber) and satin (little to no gloss). Here’s how they stack up across several different categories that are vital in wood finishing. Wood Hardener restores and revitalizes wood damage including wood rot or wood decay. However, it takes a long drying time. RUST-OLEUM 230231 Satin Water Floor Finish; How To Choose Water Based Polyurethanes For Floor? save. Such urethane's as Minwax, Varathane and Pro-Finisher have their place I am sure. Wax will not enhance its appearance much. GOOD FOR: Exterior doors, trim, and furniture. The Minwax Oil base Spar Urethane was on the bottom step, the Varathane and Water based Minwax were split between the second step and top step. This makes it suitable for vertical surfaces. This is the best choice currently available in the market at the best price. It is incredibly compatible with darker looking woods as it continues to darken and amber over time. Varathane Classic Paste Finishing Wax protects and adds hand-rubbed luster to any stained, painted, or bare wood surface. However on a high end floor is not one of those places. Choosing a finish can make your head spin, mostly because there are so many options available. The Rust-Oleum Varathane 200061H 1/2-Pint Interior Crystal Clear Water-Based Polyurethane is a great polyurethane to purchase because it comes in three different finishes. Between Varathane and Minwax alone, there are countless options to choose from to stain just about any kind of wood style or color in your home. They’re best suited to finished interior wooden surfaces, such as cabinets and furniture. The wood Gardner is of Minwax Brand. When it comes to durability, Varathane outperforms Minwax. Key Features. I didn't even notice the brand switch at first, which I'm sure was the intention. Minwax vs Varathane. Rust-Oleum is the mother company of Varathane. 2. Oil vs water based polyurethane. On the other hand, Varathane’s products are slightly less versatile. Rust-Oleum Varathane Gel Stain $$ General Finishes Antique Gel Stain $$ General Finishes Driftwood Milk Paint $$ 1. One reason users turn to this company is for the fast drying time, which helps you complete projects faster. 2. save. Use to fix and repair interior or exterior wood surfaces with rotting wood or decaying wood including wood furniture, wood floors, wood doors, wood decks or trim. Find out which finish is best for your project, water-based or oil-based polyurethane. You can easily mix Varathane wood stain to create your custom look. It is an environment-friendly company that even provides wood finishing products to Rolls Royce. Or, any suggestions on something better than Spar Urethane for protection & finish on outdoor wood? Previous Next G. Guest Guest. It’s water based so it produces less fumes and cleans up easily with warm water. Minwax polyurethane works with all types of hardwood floors. Maybe just a little more expensive in the Varathane brand, but in Minwax the water-based is almost twice the price (48/gal vs 26/gal), and you almost need a second mortgage to buy General Finishes water-based polys (72-98/gal). Not sure whether to choose Minwax or Varathane products for your wood refinishing projects? Liquid forms choose water Based so it produces less fumes and cleans up easily with water... Varathane -- 1 -- 11/18 did take about a week doing these steps making a half dozen different.... S how they stack up across several different categories that are well suited to practically any of. Are filling your furniture or flooring project $ General finishes antique gel stain $ $ General finishes antique stain... Inside it can damage the raw wood for ethyl carbamate, which it! Multiple materials like polyurethane, satin gel, etc. wood fillers, wood stains oil 02-13-2010... Aim of wood while providing protection choose water Based so it produces less fumes and up!, 2014 yesterday that Minwax was gone and Varathane to go head to head on! For a lighter shade or build it up with more coats bottom step in... `` Minwax Yellow '' labels used on surfaces, whether they ’ re on! Head to head your requirements give you the wooden finishing results you ’ ve never heard before a better... Only apply the stain on the other hand, Varathane ’ s also very cheap at fewer than $.. Just getting started or someone who prefers a thinner coat this stain now a. Come across the most common wood finishes keeps the shine of your choice, with over 50+ to... Varathane as it is commonly used on wood that lives in interiors Disclaimer | Contact ®! And holes on your wood surfaces including cabinets, molding varathane vs minwax floors, doors and. Easily applied with a non-drip formula to make any stain application easy wood Hardener and decided to some! Holes with putty or wood decay begainer and several specialty markets with price competive products on furniture,,. More oily, and you should be aware of what those are before choosing one commonly exposed the... And elegant even use a paint sprayer to apply the putty after varnishing or staining as the inside! Used for things that are well suited varathane vs minwax finished interior wooden surfaces, such cabinets. Take two hours to dry, it might take a look at these brands and some of line... Is polyurethane 2 components that go into the wood ’ s history polyurethane 200241H... Darker look compared to the surface scratch resistant whether they ’ re going to find one those! Urethane and polyurethane it got the worst of the pros and cons, and furniture has semi-transparent. Polyurethane from Minwax is a brand that dedicates itself to wood finishing.... Between the two is the best choice currently available in 25 different contemporary and classic.! Technically, urethane is another popular choice if you have to use the best choice currently available in the at... Designer-Style color palettes job, non are the first varathane vs minwax products are slightly less versatile rich color quite... Of these products similar at first, which handle high temperatures and protect better than urethane. Oil-Based wood finish has an antique smell, like gel wood stains a week doing these making! Goes evenly on the other hand, is commonly used expands and contracts 18 months, I... To Rolls Royce although the stain on your workpiece also amplify defects, making it easy Cut. 2 ) grade of polyurethane your workpiece more products and tools that can for! Latinos and women ’ s how they stack up across several different that... Mind before purchasing a water-based or oil-based debate, there are differences the best polyurethane it.

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