Certificate of Occupancy – Everything You Need to Know September 29, 2019 When you purchase or construct a property, whether residential or commercial, you’ll eventually need a certificate of occupancy (CO). However, some exceptions do apply. Final approval and determining code compliance is the sole discretion of the Housing Inspector and Code Official. Depending on the type of business, where you're doing business and other specific regulations that may apply, there may be multiple government agencies that you must contact in order to get a North Carolina Certificate of Occupancy. Standard Details - Contact the Planning Department at gcoperine@kannapolisnc.gov Water & Sewer: All water and sewer mains and appurtenances shall be constructed in accordance with the Standard Specifications for Wastewater Collection and Water Distribution Construction for Cabarrus County (WSACC), unless otherwise amended by these standard … The City-County Inspections Department provides permit, plan review, and inspection services for the City and County of Durham. The building may have to be brought up to code depending on the new use of the building. Residential Accessory Checklist (PDF) (less than 1,000 square feet) Plot Plan Checklist (PDF) ... NC 28541 Phone: 910 938-5200 TDD: 910 455-8852 Quick Links. Certificate of Occupancy Inspection Checklist Change of Use Group or Occupancy All of the following are REQUIRED when applicable (please see attached handouts for more details) Yes No N/A At least one accessible building entrance 2019 Minimum Residential FAU Requirements (Fillable) (217.9 KB) In this article, we’ll explore what is a certificate of occupancy and how to obtain a certificate of occupancy. The following is a general list of the steps required to receive a CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY from the Town of Garner. Please read and follow the list carefully as you go through a project. State Building Commission Authorization for use of “Alternative Contracting Method” General Conditions (OC-15) 24th Edition, January 2013 General Conditions (OC-15) 23rd Edition (2002) Are plans required for residential projects? A permit is also required whenever there is a commercial change of occupancy irregardless of whether alterations are planned or not. A North Carolina Certificate of Occupancy can only be obtained through an authorized government agency. These services ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the public through administration and enforcement of the North Carolina State Building Code and the zoning ordinances for both the City and County. A Continuing Certificate of Occupancy will be issued when all listed items appear to be in compliance with the applicable code. Some projects may require additional inspections. Central Permitting Division Burgaw Area 910-259-1263 Hampstead Area 910-270-5161 or 910-772-3007 The Central Permitting Division is responsible for processing applications for all residential, commercial, trade, and miscellaneous permits. •Connection and Tap Fee Schedule . Temporary Certificate of Occupancy Request Letter (fillable) (121.5 KB) B&S06 Miscellaneous Information. Check with the Building Inspections Department for … Most of the time no. Certificate of Occupancy Checklist IBC Section 111 Certificate of Occupancy Use and Occupancy. “No building or structure shall be used or occupied, and no change in the existing occupancy classification of a building or structure or portion thereof shall be made, until the building official has issued a certificate of occupancy”.

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