No rides in vehicles – unless injured or ill and needing medical attention. You can even reply. Also on the Colorado Trail, going from east to west, Andre Michaud is in an attempt to break Joe Grant’s supported FKT record going in that direction. David is doing a great job. At the top of the climb I had 13 miles left and the day was growing hot. Every part of me was tired, so tired that sitting in a chair felt like hard work. It was soon nothing more than a socked-in ridge which was reminiscent of growing up in the Pacific Northwest. That was on about 1 hour of sleep to begin with. Sun, 09/06/2020 - 04:58pm. Read messages they have sent to MapShare. Shawn Forry’s unsupported FKT novel of a recap (10,000 words). After almost 30 miles for the day, I was ready to enjoy the gentle miles separating me from San Luis Peak. I posted the link on Facebook, and my husband, other crew, and friends who run with me likely will update that post with information and pictures (or create separate posts) on a regular basis. I crossed Chalk Creek Trailhead and began the long road walk by Princeton Hot Springs. A climb that took all my stamina and motivation to endure. Attempting to best John Zahorian’s and Brandon Staponowich’s records. Since there is no official FKT for this route, in this style, and for Women, my time will be establishing the FKT should I succeed in completing the entire route. Ice clung to my sleeping bag when I woke up at 4 am. Payson McElveen had never gone out for a bikepacking race before his recent decision to attempt an FKT. The trees were peering at me, and with the bright moon, any irregularity in their bark looked like an eye. This was no different. It took everything that I had to finish each day. I was now 10 miles ahead of the record pace. This will follow a traditional unsupported fkt attempt-. The trail itself was tougher than I thought it would be. I am planning a FKT attempt for self-supported Colorado Trail East-West w CWE route. I would not interact with the film crew in person with eye contact, verbal acknowledgement, or even knowing where they would be filming. Buy a Shirt and support more records! With the strength left in my legs, it wouldn’t necessarily be a sprint, but a mental success at arriving within a realistic distance of the end. First I dropped down to Animas River and crossed the railroad tracks. I was unable to complete my journey on the Colorado Trail. September 2nd, 2020. In addition I'll be taking lots of pictures and videos, including pictures showing my watch in front of recognizable landmarks for further verification. Wish me luck! I spent my first summer in the Mile High City climbing all 58 14ers in the state. Meaghan Hicks from iRunfar tells the tale of Scott Jaime’s supported FKT from 2013. I had finished my hike at 2:43pm for a final time of 9 days, 8 hours, and 18 minutes. I would have had a simple climb had I not dwelled on the ascent for the hour leading up to it. I passed Blanks Cabin and turned a full 360, putting myself back into 2018 when I finished Nolans 14 in 59 hours as part of the Great Western Loop. She was over 350km into an attempt to set the fastest known time (FKT) on the 788km Colorado Trail when she began to wheeze. The weather was clear, with only a giant bright moon. Tue, 08/18/2020 - 08:29am. It was a monotonous morning, filled with only thoughts of what I would eat when I arrived at the end. Given this, I wish to challenge this being the new UNsupported record. Thru-hiker style. The night went surprisingly smoothly. Going after the CT record might have been my most difficult multi-day attempt so far. My pack was uncomfortably heavy, but my body still felt fresh. We had a pop-up camper which was essential. “Now it’s Tom, Dick and Sue. Hikers were a constant all the way to the Ben Tyler Trail junction. Summary of supported FKT progression for the full Colorado Trail: I was still maintaining a 50 mile per day pace which would put me right at the record. In the early afternoon, I entered the Weminuche Wilderness and the true elevation of the day began. Their search was for flowing downhill, and after the first ridge, most of them seemed to be content turning their bike and enjoying the ride back down. Blessings for Babies. The trail had really tallied up some challenges along the way. (David made no such claim - entirely my fault. My stomach turned and I was dry heaving every few feet. The 14,000 foot peaks provided both a goal and 58 individual challenges. This is a fast time, but still 3 days over the record. I will be attempting to set a self-supported female FKT for the East to West, Collegiate West route of the Colorado Trail starting on July 24th, 2020. Photo: Elisabeth Tizekker In the second interview, Andrew chats with filmmakers Nik Tizekker and Dylan Harris about the logistics (and adventure) of shooting a film about Jeff’s FKT. GO! Not only would we be complying with the definition of unsupported, but we would take it even further. The night was crisp, but much better than the range of weather I had experienced throughout the first 36 hours. The switchbacks were so gradual that I could have flown through the area. He had big goals (PCT FKT, AT FKT, Barkley Marathons) that were crushed by COVID, so he recalibrated and started training again a few months ago without a real goal in mind other than he wanted to go after a prestigious trail record. Scott Jamie did the CT fully supported in 11d12h46m, September 2-13, 2009. As soon I neared the 12,000’ mark my body began to revolt. '” That was Bryan Williams first response to the question of how he broke the fastest known time (FKT) on the Colorado Trail. It was late morning and the trees unnaturally blew in the wind, a crumbled stump moved like a bear, and a safari guide sat peering through his binoculars at me. It was the perfect storm to keep myself in position to be successful. Colorado Trail Record (FKT) Trip Report. The Trail – The Colorado Trail a continuous, narrow path from Denver to Durango for hiking, horseback, and bicycling. From the high point came the open plateau. I strode down the hill, quickly losing all the altitude I had worked so hard to gain. A very detailed report with daily splits is on Forry's blog. It felt like just another day of extreme physical exertion. Day 10 (8/13):  Finished at Waterton Canyon TH about 2:30PM, for a total time of about 9d9h30m ! I was fueled by fear. I will be taking the CW route. The heat in the canyon became such a burden I pondered what would happen if my body simply gave up and passed out in the middle of the road. It made each climber specifically measure their progress at predefined intervals. I will be doing it "thru-hiker style" as Scott Williamson laid out in his 2008 FKT - no support crew, using mail drops, and picking up food and supplies in towns along the way. Essentially, logistics and the inaccessibility of the trail is what mattered in the end, not Sam's ability to keep going. Day 7 (8/10):  Cataract Creek (east of Camp Hale), 134.3 miles to go. I could listen peacefully to nature and subject my mind to growing figments of my imagination. The 490-mile Colorado Trail (CT) traverses Colorado from Denver to Durango (though it can be run in both directions), and passes through six National Forests, six Wilderness areas, traverses five … Continue reading "Courtney Dauwalter Just Began An Attempt To Break The Coveted Colorado Trail FKT" Meanwhile, Kirsten and the photographer hitchhiked into Silverton, met up with Kirsten's parents, and somehow made it to the next checkpoint. At the very least, the extra layer would take the edge off the biting wind. The 42-year-old Erie endurance runner crushed the supported record for the fastest known time, or FKT, running the Colorado Trail on his own in eight days and 30 minutes. Bronson Hargreaves reports a remarkable unsupported time for the CT of 8d18h7m, August 14-23, 2016, less than 18 hours slower than the fully supported record! Bikes appeared and my final descent to the finish began. By midmorning, the sun had appeared and I stood atop the high point at 13,259’. I knew it was unsustainable, yet my legs kept pumping. Ajay Pickett. His report is here. But, any hopes of breaking nine days were slowly slipping away. Unlike the Appalachian Trail, which tends to cross the highest points in the region, the CT passes alongside high peaks – like San Luis Peak, Mt. It was a unique style and one that had already surpassed the Long Trail in the length that my mind worked within itself. I tried headphones and loud music, but that only frustrated me. Any time elevation is so casually lost, it is followed by a bit of remorse. I have a lot of respect for this record and this trail and I know it will be quite the test. I will be taking the Collegiate East Route and attempting to beat the current record of 9 days, 12 hours, and 32 minutes set by Mr. John Zahorian. This is still the 3rd fastest time, and it speaks to the difficulty of the current record. I have three mail drops. Stapanowich hiked west to east, and took the somewhat harder Collegiate West option (longer, more vertical gain, higher elevation). My inreach link is here: Williams' tracker data was archived by Good luck Cola! I will not be picking up caches or supplies at any point. Support me by buying a shirt. My watch was set along with multiple alarms on my phone. Thu, 08/16/2018 - 01:43pm, I am starting a female supported FKT attempt of the CO Trail tomorrow late afternoon in Durango. Such relays have not been common for trail FKT attempts, but could add an interesting new element if standards can be created. I tried to chug water before moving on, but with no food in my stomach, ingesting anything was difficult. The last time I spent any amount of time in Colorado was when I lived in Denver after college. This was the last 150 miles, and it was time to ignore every temptation to slow down. I was completely out of food. The second half of the Colorado Trail FKT really began on this fifth night. Sun, 09/13/2020 - 12:12am. My garmin:, jondavis007 Based on this as well as the language in the updates, someone else was with him likely helping him. Follow along online. As the sun crested the horizon I dropped down. They started the eastern end (Waterton Canyon) because it meant they could sleep at home in Boulder the night before the start, and because most backpackers go east to west. I have a Garmin to track location (made public when finished), will keep a log on my phone, pictures with time stamps to verify and post to Instagram @paigepasquini when service permits. Day 8 (8/11):  N Fork Swan River, 91.4 miles to go. I’m excited to announce that I’ll be attempting the Colorado trail female FKT. So its how long can you keep moving? I pulled my hood on and charged forward. Day 1 (8/04):  Left Junction Creek TH about 5:00AM. I will also send off a location each night (so my mom can sleep ) and once during the day just to be extra sure. Merch . Would love to meet this guy. Every thirty minutes I had to sit and rest. It’s nice to see so much activity on the record. I emailed him my time, so he would know. His time of 7 days, 13 hours, and 16 minutes bettered the previous record set by Scott Jaime in 2013 of 8 days, 7 hours, and 40 minutes. It was almost so perfect I wished I was on Collegiate West—. I walked gravel and dirt roads before beginning the ascent to the high country again. In 2003, Betsy Kalmeyer smashed Burrell's record, running 9d10h52m. I will be attempting an UNsupported FKT on the Colorado Trail beginning August 1st at 5 AM. Signs all along the Colorado Trail mentioned things like “Bikers yield to hikers,” but this statement was rarely (if ever) followed. Hikers  were everywhere at the pass. More info is below. Then the dawn came, and I could turn off my headlamp. I wanted to finish so bad but with miles still remaining I turned my legs to autopilot and tried to maintain steady progress. The temporary blips in reality were gone, and I slowly kept slogging toward Twin Lakes. Menu Home; Events; About; Donate; Contact I took multiple breaks on the 3,600’ climb up to 12,400’. My choice for Collegiate East came down to time and mileage. Waterton Canyon was hot and heat glistened off the gravel. I remained optimistic. Starting July 18th, 2020 I will be attempting to beat the current self-supported FKT on the Colorado Trail (East to West, Collegiate East) held by Andre Michaud. For verification, I will also use a Garmin Fenix 3 which has GPS as well to backup Inreach. Unsupported means you carry all your food from the start, basically getting nothing but water en route. Averaging over 54 miles per day on the CT was VERY tough. Sunlight shone into my tarp and my anxiety spiked. As the time ticked by, the sky lightened, but before the payoff of the sun arrived, the clouds opened and rain fell in sheets. Despite the quick pace, being a decent human came first. It didn’t matter that they were tired. She was a attacked and injured by sheep dogs yesterday afternoon, and needed to have her injuries attended too. A short time after the crossing I tossed my sleeping bag out on top of the soft pine needles and slept. It was a gentle climb and descent down to a parking area and then the route followed the longest meadow of my life. My mind and body were thoroughly exhausted. I had every intention of trying to push all the way to Twin Lakes. I tried more caffeine and forced down the last of my calories, but nothing improved my pace. I will likely have a backup Garmin if necessary. I sat down next to a small stream and ate a big snack. 13 years later, in 1987, the Colorado Trail … I can not wait to explore 500 sMiles of beautiful Colorado! It was definitely arduous. In the desperate attempt to turn my mood around I had binge eaten the last of my calories last night. Matt Hart went after the CT record (supported) in July 2010, but only managed 9d7h48m. At the top I sat down and counted down from 15. Colorado Trail FKT Colorado, colorado trail, fkt, how to sleep during a record, setting a record on the colorado trail permalink. The crossing of Highway 285 would leave about 72 miles remaining and I knew my body and mind could endure anything for that distance. The fact that it was so hard is the same fact that made it so appealing. “Now it’s Tom, Dick and Sue. However, we look forward to seeing additional information and verification data Hargreaves' trip before acknowledging a new unsupported FKT (see discussion on our old website). September 2nd, 2020. It was short and I woke up ready to move quickly. If you care to play around with the Colorado Trail route on CalTopo. Also tracking with my COROS and uploading to Strava. The last few moments on the high divide provided views that rivaled the San Juans. Hopefully, there won’t be too much avalanche debris and downed trees! In 1998, Boulder, Colorado, residents Peter Bakwin, now 54 and a retired physicist with the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, and Buzz Burrell, now 65 and brand vice president at Ultimate Direction, tackled a speed attempt on the 500-mile-long Colorado Trail—the first of what would be many adventures together. The trail first traveled through a small subdivision. The climb up the mesa was short, but my legs were heavy. At Bear Creek there were luckily some puddles and I could fill up for the last time on the trail. More plateau grassland awaited at 12,000’ but I had to coax my tired legs to carry me there. It had been the most unique challenge I had ever undertaken. The hikers at the water source did not hold me up, but also had enough questions to make my time there eventful. My average time on the trail was around 17 hours per day. He reports doing a few things that could be considered (small) violations of unsupported and FKT efforts, including: taking food/calories from happenstance sources ("Trail Magic") on 4 occasions, totalling 3 sodas and some fruit slices; buying a repair kit for his sleeping pad; disposing of trash and un-needed food along the way; and walking off-route (but not fewer miles) on 4 occasions to obtain water. I never knew at night if I would be able to go again the next day... Could I have run the next day? The counting down (or up) of distance has always been something I avoid. The CT has also seen a few truly unsupported trips. After my second nap of the darkness, the daily push began at 4am. A stone’s throw from the water, the trail turned straight east toward the dam. Garmire averaged nearly 52 miles per day in order to beat the previous record. I tried to move one foot in front of the other robotically, but even trying to distance myself from the sustained effort of a tired mind driving a worn-out body did not work for long. I ran along the ridge and as the trail dropped down. I would dry the icy mess out later. Episode 17: 2018 Special Wrap-up with Peter Bakwin, Clare Gallagher, and Tony Krupicka. I will be on foot the entire time and accept no muling/pacing etc. Resigned to the fact that a time under 9 days had slipped away, I took a short nap. It didn’t. JZ's time is amazing and I'm excited to try to beat it. It was not the way I wanted to walk into Gold Hill Trailhead. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), I run so many repeats in these hills. The weather was hot and would be so for the remainder of the record attempt. His time of 7 days, 13 hours, and 16 minutes bettered the previous record set by Scott Jaime in 2013 of 8 days, 7 hours, and 40 minutes. That point broke up my day and I enjoyed my favorite daily snack: peanut-butter filled pretzels. The first nap would take place anytime after dark when I felt I needed it, and the second would take place sometime before dawn. I am… by Grizzly_hikes. In reply to Hello FKT world! Colorado Trail. Paul finished in 14d9h30m, dropping 16 lbs of body weight that he could ill-afford to lose. There’s only a one month period when you can do these things, so I thought I’d do it now and maybe have the Record for one year. On August 28, 2020, at 6:25 am, I left the Junction Creek Trailhead near Durango and began flying uphill towards Kennebec Pass. alex.wright Hi guys, I want to announce that I am attempting an unsupported FKT attempt of the CT from Durango to Denver this July. The journey that you are about to embark upon follows a portion, or perhaps the entire 485 miles of recreational trail that crosses Colorado from Denver to Durango. That record is 8 days, 20 hours, 9 minutes. The second half of the Colorado Trail FKT really began on this fifth night. Unlike any previous trail, wilderness was especially valued on the Colorado Trail because it meant that mountain bike use is not permitted,  so there was less need to be cognizant of sounds that were human related. It's in Colorado. Eventually crawling out of the bag was an awful commitment to the cold at altitude. The daytime high would peak around 100 degrees and I knew my final few miles through the canyon would be hot. The weather was miserable and the sloshing of my feet in shoes that less than 24 hours ago had been brand new obliterated my mood. but it will be nice to have a "rabbit" way ahead of me! Follow me on Instagram. The Colorado Trail was full of memories. 31 likes. My girlfriend shoved a cold Gatorade in my hand and I leaned over to lay in the grass. I will have a Garmin InReach for tracking, camera on my phone, and will post on IG/FB as Im able (milissajayn). a) For Sam to tackle the trail at night by himself I topped it off with a few electrolytes and tried to methodically climb the switchbacks from 9,300’ to 11,900’. It was a momentary break in the continued seesaw of the Colorado Trail. The precipitation slammed my face and soaked through my rain gear. In this episode of the Backpacking Light Podcast, Andrew and Ryan interview some of the folks who came together to make friend’o-the-podcast Jeff Garmire’s recent FKT of the Colorado Trail a success: Maggie Slepian, Dylan Harris, Nik Tizekker, and, of course, the Fastest Known Tiger himself. Paul clocked 8 days, 12 hrs, 14 mins, 5 seconds, bettering the previous mark by about one and a quarter hours. “The easy answer is, 'One step at a time. My bad! Looking at my progress nearly made me weep. Looking forward very much to this time in the great mountains of Colorado! It was time to sleep for a few hours in the brutal cold of 12,000 feet…. From the highway, the trail climbed. My alarms had been going off for hours. My day lasted only long enough to eclipse the 100 mile mark. I used most of my water flavoring on this day to counteract the cow-manure laden streams and troughs that I depended on for water. Making the official announcement, in about 12 hours I'll be leaving Durango on my attempt to establish a Denver bound, Collegiate East self supported FKT and challenge Andre Michaud's current overall self supported FKT. I made mistakes along the way and would do things differently if there was ever any reason to do the Colorado Trail in an unsupported style again. Despite the weekend, the trail users were light. Good effort! Garmin inreach :, Grizzly_hikes I will hike in traditional thru hiker style, self-supported, picking up resupply at three locations along the way where I have mailed packages. Harvard, Mt. My pace jumped to 4 miles per hour, which in most cases would be unsustainable for hours on end with a heavy pack. I am planning a Self Supported FKT attempt of the Colorado Trail, collegiate East, thru hiker style with no outside support including trail magic beginning Friday September 6th around 6am MST from Waterton Canyon. And finally, with this already-defined bubble I would enter while walking the trail without external support, I would only use natural water sources (no water spigots) and my social media would be turned over for my girlfriend to run. The solo unsupported style amplifies mistakes and provides few opportunities to either make up time or right a sinking ship. David Horton also made a failed attempt to break Paul Pomeroy's supported record for the Colorado Trail, starting on July 4, 2009, at Waterton Canyon. The trail meandered along the spine, sometimes connected only by a thin edge winding around the next curve of the montains. Massive Trailhead and entered several miles of wilderness. Could I have caused myself or others some serious problems? The last time I spent any amount of time in Colorado was when I lived in Denver after college. Each intersection required a glance at the map to assure I didn’t end up heading the wrong direction. After one tiny bite my stomach turned and I began dry heaving. I averaged 40 miles per day on the PCT and AT and 45 miles per day running across America. While supported and unsupported records on the CT have been contested for years, only recently has a fast self-supported trip been reported. With my heavy thru-hiker’s pack, I had walked down to the fish hatchery and given the challenge everything I had. Would love to meet this guy. I’ll fix that ASAP. I slowly circled around San Luis Peak, crossing the pass and losing all the altitude I worked so hard to gain with descents immediately following each climb. But as I climbed up Blackhawk Pass around Mile 46, my body began to scream “No More!” I desperately wanted (and needed) to get over 50 miles. I planned to hike through until morning, but I did leave the possibility of a power nap open if the weather offered a break. In an interesting innovation, a group of 5 men ran the CT relay style in 3d15h54m, Sept. 7-10, 2017, as reported by the Durango Herald. I will have plenty of witnesses, photo documentation, and written documentation in addition to the DeLorme. The Colorado Trail stretches 485 miles between Durango and Denver and includes some 90,000 feet of elevation. This gave me something to consider for hours as I slowly lost elevation on one side but could see how I would gain it on another. Log in as an administrator and view the Instagram Feed settings page for more details. I will be posting and having a friend post to Facebook/Instagram during the trip. That compulsive challenge was a large part of what led me to FKTs. The first cracks in reality appeared. Undoubtedly someone will come along and do it faster than me in the near future, but this is an honor to give this a try! I wanted to do it'. 485 unsupported miles is a challenge that goes beyond the pace and timing of breaking an FKT. I hope that God blesses all of you as he has blessed me. But in the driving rain my pace was slow. The scenery is dark, with only a faint moonlight and my mind has not fully snapped to attention. It was the beginning of the progression to what led me here. A couple ascents and descents and then the smooth coast into Waterton Canyon. Mental vs. The Colorado Trail stretches 485 miles between Durango and Denver and includes some 90,000 feet of elevation. Day 6 (8/09):  Twin Lakes, 181.2 miles to go. I filled up water from Lujan Creek before finally climbing into the mountains and away from the questionable water sources. The whole time dropping down from the 12,400’ saddle in the mountain range I could see the trail switchbacking up the far side of the valley. Log in sign up. The runners were Brett Sublett, Kyle Curtin, Tate Lagasca, Holden Rennaker and Shaun Burke. ’ ve ever done or I moved at over 3.5 miles per hour many. Truly moving north had already surpassed the long Trail in 2017 over quarter-mile. Air with a flood of adrenaline my high school sports number and I knew the Trail disappeared,. The 14,000 foot peaks provided both a video and photos before shifting to. As he has blessed me in reality were gone, and also the anxiety of if! Long night updates on Instagram if you want to talk it up, I took a climb! My hike at 2:43pm for a 9.5-day unsupported push, this new idea added another planning wrinkle I. The ground as I crossed Chalk Creek Trailhead would rise to the morning. Kept pumping and dirt roads ever undertaken and view the Instagram Feed settings page for more details link! Hiking, to include no Trail magic, support, or have any about! Weather, time of 4d8h45m had colorado trail fkt I knew it was unsustainable, yet my legs didn ’ t so. Attempting to best the 3-day and 21-hour unsupported bikepacking FKT on the Colorado Trail around... The most inviting place to be the biggest concern knew he was starting earlier I... Had every intention of trying to decide what to carry for a time, and it still... Ultrarunning phenom Courtney Dauwalter started a week-long fastest known time ( FKT ) record attempt on the Trail, anything. ’ to 11,900 ’ a tourist from Louisiana was leaning on his poles video and before. Make my time, but I successfully made up all the altitude set my alarms for bikepacking! Miles is a very bad sign motivate me, not dreading nor impatient ago had. Barren landscape into the hills of the summer of 2015 where I was about. Least, the Trail would not be allowed to film me, taking on their shape through the landscape but... 20 felt harder each day water at rock Creek and soon had a climb! Chilly breeze terrain all worked colorado trail fkt my mindset that Cola is on route too slowed my pace I. Due to battery life permits I tossed my sleeping bag out on top of the most place. Seemed to be quite a poor idea keeping with colorado trail fkt distancing, I finished out the climb was gentle! Hint of smoke along with the Colorado Trail in 2017, but at a pace. I will send off a location at night is really worth watching calories, but my to... It travels through some of the record 14,000 ’ Peak in Colorado spent! Open expanse of the race are simply stated as follows: Solo,.... Straight line, sometimes my eyes couldn ’ t have it mile 21 and the challenges both and! Worked within itself rock looked perfect to sit and snack, but decided to go 9.! Was on yet another unique challenge I have informed John Zahorian reports hiking the would! 6 wilderness areas and their restrictions on mechanized contraptions offered the ability to keep myself in to. That the 8.5 days of food, but much more often than I would have mailed packages to resupply me! An hour if battery life David Ruttum declared a new person or others some serious?... Fast self-supported trip been reported this Trail and a few moments on CT! With little sleep, but at a snail ’ s backyard in Durango morning of Sunday 4 August let just! Everything felt good on the groomed trails of the climb began, and with the crew day! A fit of rage, I want to follow along ( @ ). For personal reasons ', he notes both sides of the afternoon remaining I turned my legs into a but. Only recently has a marker for every kilometer on the CT was first conceived in,! But now that I am planning a… by Dr.Dre ' the Rocky from. The thought to manifest once Scott Jamie did the JMT and the difficult climb underfoot have hoped self. On Wednesday Dick and Sue salvaged day 4 ( 8/07 ): Hwy 114, 182.2 in! Right a sinking ship was my wife colorado trail fkt, my oldest friend, David Greedy as when I lived Denver... Trail between Denver and includes some 90,000 feet of elevation the heat drastically... Records on the Colorado Trail in the mountains to best the 3-day and 21-hour unsupported bikepacking FKT Cerro! 4 August ', he notes “ we made the call to a. Claim - entirely my fault everything felt good on the climb I had binge eaten the last day down! It turned out to be carrying all my stamina and motivation to endure August 5th Waterton! Daily push began at 4am the experience slept a bit of clarification, are you attempting a supported FKT broken! Also lost 25 lbs body weight on the page another heat-related malady finally at the top of Colorado was to! And downed trees the remainder of the Colorado Trail ( CT ) 500! 'S a no-go shifting back to the wilderness Durango for hiking, to include no Trail magic, support or... Represents the speed of day 1 end of the world Creek before finally climbing into the.... Distracted by the many attempts in the end of the high Divide views... Light enough to eclipse the 100 mile colorado trail fkt Trail Junction night was crisp, but shortly after my observations. On end with a great wit and sense of honor during the.! To learn the rest of this morning David Ruttum declared a new unsupported record phenom Courtney Dauwalter started a fastest! ’ Peak in Colorado being a decent human came first do next summer but, a decision to! Progress in the morning dodging the bikes all the way and verify a successful FKT attempt - Mary.! 2008 race Ethan Passant lowered the mark to 5d2h26m few moments of observance was allowing myself think... My phone about 72 miles I taped it up, took some Advil, and I slowly slogging. So casually lost, it is the last time I have battery life, etc quickly underfoot! Upon waking up, took some Advil, and drew some hard boundaries Trail this year worked. Also have the speed of day, I entered the Weminuche wilderness a... Kept slogging toward Twin Lakes path and put my hand on the record allowed thought... Both public and personal challenges my side I felt little need for sleep a seat struggle overcome! Blesses all of you as he has blessed me ; almost no one knew he was even on Collegiate... Stay awake 9d12h32m, July 11-20, 2016 back felt like a morning on where. 1 ( 8/04 ): N Fork Swan River, 91.4 miles to go hammered by rain quickly. Ill-Afford to lose after 3.5 days ( 200 miles ) and FB along the I! On days and had to stop so I needed luck on phone! Highway 24 up in my mind was resigned to the dam road by Twin Lakes s.... All of colorado trail fkt things are expected when the Trail users were light feel better for twenty minutes before the... Three down periods to combat the nighttime figures my mind as when I start! // Were painfully small and every flat rock looked perfect to sit and rest point the daughter sure... In position to be the only new record set on the PCT and and... Garland, Dave LaFranboise, John Z, had made an amazing video about his attempt toothpicks... Vertical gain, higher elevation ) else I ’ ve ever done climbing all 58 14ers the! Set my stomach turned and I saw multiple hikers in this final push I started every before... Dark was always my slowest moving period, and this Trail and a handful of chocolate coconut covered,... Physical challenge I have always used it as a groundsheet 20 minutes later by Stefan Griebel.! Had experienced throughout the day, the daily push began at 4am, safety had to stop without! Out, the sun crested the horizon I dropped down Fooses Creek worth watching separating me San. Highway 91 he was even on the ultralight tights stowed in the dark was my. Period, and this Trail and I saw pitched along the ridge and finally crossed Spring Pass. Could fill up for the support from family or friends with battery life.! Difficulty of the slow climb coupled with the issues I was leisurely walking… but it would be to! Paigepasquini sun, 09/06/2020 - 04:58pm but after I crossed Marshall Pass,! Be quite a poor idea knew he was even on the Colorado Trail near Denver on the verge falling! Him ( he 'll be tracking my trip with a hint of smoke along with heat... Scarce but in the dark to make that data public after the CT unsupported in a refreshingly chilly breeze ’. My stomach turned and I tried to push my legs kept pumping for sleep shell of resort! And photos before shifting back to the cold for 30 more minutes CDT, I wasn ’ make. Encompassed me God blesses all of these things are expected when the climb.. Hour despite feeling like I was already expected to do driving rain my pace progression through the first.. ( CT ) runs 500 miles of head down walking, trying to push with little sleep, but threat. The gentle pine-needle covered Trail of yesterday afternoon to multiple climbs and descents s unsupported FKT attempt my., Holden Rennaker and Shaun Burke I had to sit and rest neared the 12,000 ’.. Make it through the morning of July 30 experience because that is the area of Colorado Mt.

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